Wednesday, March 7, 2007



Mobile marketing could be said to be a way of taking the selling point of the needs and objectives of a brand to the consumer through the mobile medium. It is an extension of conventional and internet-based marketing practice to the mobile context. This definition though is not normative.

Some unique features of this medium is that it is based more on personal marketing. A marketer uses his engagement with the consumer to drive any marketing campaign. It also facilitates one-on-one communication with the consumer. On the plus side of this medium is that the scope of assets and tactics available to the mobile marketer is limitless.

Remember, no medium has a more direct channel to the consumer than that offered by the cellphone which is always close to and open to the mobile marketer and consumer.

And for you reading this, am sure 355888 (three double five triple eight!) is a number that should easily come to your mind? That is a short code based aspect of mobile marketing using SMS services. Mobile marketing should open up possibilities for you and I to release the entrepreneurial spirits nascent in us. That was the objective of my investigation and what, amongst other issues, which I will share with you on the pages of this blog.

I believe the weeks ahead will be eventful.


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