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This blog takes the mobile value chain a step further. How can a print media tap into the possibilities offered by the mobile media and become a strategic player in its industry by adding value through this information dissemination media?

I hope my answer will open up grounds for future considerations. To get a better picture of the thrust of this blog, I suggest you keep the mobile value chain figurative diagram from iLoop Mobile, Inc. handy[1].

Our print media house, Acme Newspapers, a sports newsmagazine, wants to provide sports news to a wider audience through the mobile media because a manager of Acme Newspapers read a blog on http://mobilenigeria.blogspot.com.

So he made a comment on my blog:

Acme Manager: I have read some interesting articles on your blog and would want you to give me a proposition. My yahoo id is noname_man@yahoo.com. You can IM me anytime.

I did so. Promptly too. A snippet of our chat session.

Me[2]: Hello. David. Author of the blog, Mobiles and Para, on http://mobilenigeria.blogspot.com.

Acme Manager: yeah, I’ve been waiting for your message. I want you to help me, just some advice.

Me: If it’s in my capacity.

Acme Manager: I work for a newspaper house, Acme Newspapers. How can a mobile phone increase our readership as you claimed in your value chain article on market niches and strategic decision making.

Me: Definitely. What department do you work in?

A. manager: newsroom. Sports.

Me: fine. Let’s say your magazine wants to increase its readership and your core competency…or let me say, what you know how to do best at lowest cost is providing sports news to your subscribers.

A. manager: correct.

Me: if those subscribers receive your news, this need I assume or presume should be behind your question, it would reduce cost for you, increase revenue, place you in a strategic position from other newspapers and furthermore, give you a channel for customer surveys amongst others.

A. manager: interesting, but how?

Me: according to Tomi Ahonen, the mobile media has 5 distinctive features apart from other media: 1.the phone is the first truly personal media. 2. the phone is always carried. 3,. The phone is the first always-on mass media. 4. the phone has a built-in payment mechanism. 5.the phone is a creative tool available always at the point of creative impulse.

Buzz!!! Buzz!!!

A. manager: yeah, am now online. I was jotting down your points and talking to a colleague. Continue…what do the five points above mean for me and my company?

Me: The five points above means so many things and they are really value adding for any company interested in this media. Let’s take your newspaper. You can send sports news and sports info to your subscribers at any time, anywhere, unfettered, with lowest cost possible, provided they opt-in, note, opt-in, to receive such. Furthermore, your newspaper can collect market data in ways unknown before and do advertising to garner more revenue.

A. manager: I was thinking along those lines. But it’d cost us something!! We don’t have the personnel to write the programs etc…

Me: not to worry. You can partner with mobile content providers who have the know-how who will bundle info trivia, contest and logos, paid ads as well as relevant content to your subscribers in non-intrusive ways that would never make a dent on your projected revenue. Marginal returns for both parties.

A. manager: we could share the cost of say, paying Celtel, MTN…! some candles are burning in my brain.

Me: you might never bear a cost if you choose a professional content provider. It’s their duty to work with mobile application solution providers and your well known and preferred operator to deliver a service that might even by paid 100% by advertising revenue. Remember Formula 1? Although you might provide the brick ‘n’ mortar ad support through your paper for mobile subscribers to discover this campaign exists.

A. manager: I get your point.

Me: just think, if MTN has been provisioned with a new four digit number, 0703, and between all the GSM operators there should be more than 50 million (fifty million) subscribers, what vast market is open to your newspaper house!

A. manager: thanks a lot. I appreciate this chat. How do I get the article by Tomi Ahonen[3]. I’ll like to read it myself and maybe give it to my superiors.

Me: I’m sending it to you right now. I have the author’s permission to do so.

A. manager: and your phone number? I’ll get back to you.

Me: anytime. 08082695871 or 08023031608 or 08061667878.

A. manager: I’ll be in touch.

Links and still linking:

1. http://mmaglobal.com/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=74

2. Me, that is to say: http://mobilenigeria.blogspot.com/

3. try, http://www.tomiahonen.com/ or email me and I’ll send the article to you, its titled: “Thought Piece: Understanding 7th mass media.”

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